Marty and Dinah have retired from the show ring.  They now  enjoy life as pampered pets and spend their time playing with and "supervising" the other Papillons in the house.

We pay careful attention to ensure the finest qualities are bred into our Papillons. Our hope is that each of our dogs is a well-adjusted canine good citizen.  The health and well-being of the breed is of utmost consideration.  We sometimes place retired adults, show and companion puppies, but are very selective in matching them to the right home.  We do not ship dogs or puppies.
We enjoy the hobby of purebred dogs at our home near Des Moines, Iowa.   We train, show, and only occasionally breed.  We are always ready to give a helping hand to others if they wish to learn more about Papillons or want to get involved in the sport. We invite you to get to know our dogs Marty, Dinah, and Ryan on the following pages.

                                                                                                                                                                        -- Beth and John Shonts

Planning, study and a knowledge of genetics helps to produce excellent dogs and puppies for Show, Performance and Companionship.  Our motto:  Never Stop Improving!


Raising Family Dogs

Only A Few Special Papillons